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  Making Customer Centricity Work
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ActionBridge for Financial Services

The financial services industry faces unique challenges to managing disparate data sources across and outside of their enterprise. Financial institutions must implement controls governing their use, access and storage of personal information in order to comply with strict regulations. As a result, most organizations forego the option of implementing Software as a Service, since the underlying data sits outside their fire wall, and therefore, outside of their control.

ActionBridge solves this dilemma.

By using secure, virtual integration, data is NOT moved beyond your firewall. Instead, it remains secure and safe, within the corporate systems built to adhere to the strict compliance guidelines. ActionBridge's mashups leverage a special secure server that links data from the hosted system to that of the on premise system, without physically copying the data to a new location outside of the firewall.

Nimaya’s ActionBridge enables users to proactively alert and prompt sales and support staff to new sales leads and potential risks via the automated creation of tasks, opportunities and leads based on information residing within and external to ActionBridge provides users with guidance and information based on a unified view of each account that combines information from across the enterprise via enterprise data mashups.

The end results make customer centricity work.


Developed on Nimaya’s innovative SOA-enabled platform for Enterprise Data Mashups (EDM), ActionBridge Financial Services for the AppExchange includes these major benefits for customer interfacing employees within the financial services industry:

Proactive, Event-Based Task, Lead & Opportunity Creation ActionBridge provides automatic creation of tasks, leads and opportunities to generate dynamic alerts and prompts that identify new leads and potential risks with existing customers and sales opportunities. Events trigger rules that are configured specifically for your business within the financial services industry, leveraging information both within and external to For example, if a customer purchases certain products (such as a mutual fund), an alert might notify that customer’s account manager with information on potential up-sale opportunities based upon the customer’s profile. These alerts would be in the form of automatically generated tasks on their home page, or via e-mail.

Additionally, ActionBridge business rules can be configured to uncover account status alerts, such as potential closures, non-renewals and late payments, all based upon customer behavior patterns. These alerts would result in additional automatically created tasks, leads and opportunities within

From each task, lead and opportunity created, users can access the specific information that led to its creation, directly from the ActionBridge customer profile view. Users can further drill-down to obtain a greater level of detail regarding the current customer’s or prospect’s status, all without leaving the environment.

Leverage Legacy Financial Systems ActionBridge delivers secure, real time access to account information residing in legacy financial systems (such as billing, orders, service history and transactional records) as well as third party information sources (such as Dun & Bradstreet®, Hoovers®, credit bureaus and financial markets), from across the enterprise and Internet, regardless of the source system’s platform or geographic location.

This information is presented directly within, eliminating the need to use additional desktop applications or access multiple systems using different credentials. Examples of this information include product and services inventory, contract details, wallet share, pricing data, market data, credit ratings and credit reports. ActionBridge can also be configured to present information transiently, and selectively copy information into in lieu of real time access.

Making Customer Centricity WorkExisting customers can deploy ActionBridge and realize the benefits in days, not weeks. Start obtaining proactive tasks, opportunities and leads, with decision enhancing information from across the enterprise, directly in Furthermore, ActionBridge’s seamless integration with’s security and access profiles makes deployment and scalability a cinch, while complying with strict financial compliance guidelines.
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