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Nimaya’s ActionBridgeŽ securely joins on-premise applications and data with on-demand applications and data to create a “mashup”. The result is an interactive interface displaying what you need, when you need it; securely empowering users to collaborate more efficiently.

Organizations face the challenge of securely connecting SaaS applications in the cloud with traditional on-premise systems. As businesses evolve, processes, systems and data become interdependent. However, a substantial divide exists between the enterprise and the cloud, inhibiting interoperability. ActionBridgeŽ  resolves this dilemma through a secure and innovative approach to creating a single application interface. This application provides access and interactivity via new functions and analytics derived from the virtual combination of the separate systems, regardless of domain. As events occur in on-premise systems, processes and data are updated in the SaaS applications.

The result is new information and applications that empower the end user to produce more revenue, reduce expenses, and mitigate risk.

Likewise, organizations have many on-premise systems that workers rely upon throughout the secure network. However, they don’t necessarily need access to the full functionality of each system (or its data); and they may also be restricted from certain information or functions. ActionBridgeŽ takes the key functionality of each system and brings it together into a single interface, with a robust security layer. Pseudo functions may then be cast across the applications, creating entirely new analytical insight and business processes. Security roles, business rules, workflows, alerts and events are then applied. The result is a new application, complete with analytics, functions and data empowering users to produce more revenue, at a lower cost, and with less risk.

The challenge is to bridge these vital on-premise systems with the agile on-demand systems in the cloud to uncover new opportunities.

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