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Nimaya - United States Nimaya provides products and solutions in some of the fastest growing segments of the enterprise software industry - Enterprise Data Mash-Ups (EDM) and Software as a Service (SaaS). At Nimaya, we're searching for talented engineering, consulting and sales professionals to join us in delivering the Nimaya's products and services.

We've already attracted top talent that got us to where we are today - a successful, privately-funded, investor-supported, high-energy software firm. As a member of the Nimaya Team, you will have the opportunity to participate in an environment that thrives on collaboration and rewards innovative and creative thought.

It's time to get noticed for your hard work, determination and insight - it's time for a career with Nimaya.

Nimaya - Indian Technology Center
Our benefits and compensation package are among the best in the industry and are aimed at not only attracting but also retaining the best talent. Rewards for each position are based on performance, potential, criticality and market value.

As a member of one of our focused teams, you will receive proper training for your skill set, leadership development and ample opportunity to participate with the long-term growth of Nimaya.

Please contact us for more information about benefits for India-based employees, to access a copy of our recruiting information, employment brochures and to schedule an interview with one of our hiring and technology managers for an evaluation of your qualifications and a discussion regarding open opportunities.

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