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Nimaya Inc. Releases V2.0 of ActionBridge, its Enterprise Data Mashup Engine

McLean, Virginia – October 16, 2007– Nimaya, an innovator in virtual integration, analysis and presentation of data through Enterprise Data Mashups, today announced the release of ActionBridge version 2.0.

ActionBridge applications enable customers to create dynamic enterprise data mashups that leverage the power of multiple information systems via a single touch point securely and in real-time.  Nimaya is currently focusing on the unique data security issues presented by the requirement to integrate enterprise systems with Software as a Service (SaaS)-based CRM and call center applications.  Packaged ActionBridge applications for (NASDAQ:CRM) and Microsoft Dynamics CRM (NASDAQ:MSFT) provide this secure data access in real-time.  Through the Nimaya rules engine, staff receive proactive alerts and prompts to sales opportunities and risks based on information residing within and external to these SaaS-based solutions.  

The types of real-time mashups being deployed vary greatly among different industries.  In the financial services sector, real-time mashups are being deployed to securely combine enterprise financial data, customer account information and third-party sources such as credit scoring services.  The result is a complete real-time view of a customer account that consists of their standing, profile, portfolio, credit score and any internal score cards or metrics.  With ActionBridge’s configurable business rules, customers can drive activity and workflow, based upon conditions and events spanning all the disparate data sources (regardless of location or type).  These rules inform users via embedded views or e-mail of insight based upon the mashup, such as possible up-sell/cross-sell opportunities for a specific account; if a particular account is about to close; or if a contract is due to expire.  By breaking down barriers among data silos, enterprise data mashups offer the promise of truly integrated customer support without the political issues associated with data stewardship.

“With the release of ActionBridge 2.0, now, more than ever, enterprises can overcome the challenge of integration, as they no longer have to worry about security or latency.  Our customers are experiencing quantifiable results in the form of reduced expenses, greater productivity and less customer churn,” said Todd While, vice president of sales and business development, at Nimaya. “Nowhere is this greater than in the financial services community.  Prior to ActionBridge there was no secure, cost effective, or efficient method for virtually sharing sensitive customer information across operational systems.  With ActionBridge, data stays secure and integration occurs on demand.  The result is immediate ROI.”

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