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Our History

Our StartFounded in 1998, Nimaya is a venture-backed company located in Washington, D.C. Our customers include Sprint, Embarq, American Red Cross and Nova Chemicals. Nimaya’s ActionBridgeŽ enterprise software solutions help companies uncover new revenue opportunities, reduce expenses, and mitigate risk.

Our EvolutionThe CustomerGrid™ Platform was developed to provide real time virtual data integration and is an industry leading example of SOA at work. This platform served as the genesis for the ActionBridgeŽ product suite, pioneering new methods for integrating business processes and on demand access to enterprise systems from within SaaS (software as a service) applications.

Today & BeyondNimaya is leveraging the next generation of application, process and information coordination by enabling businesses to connect their on-premise solutions with the exploding market of SaaS and Cloud-based applications and empower their end users. By leveraging the skills and capabilities of our partners, we’re enabling mashup technology to extend throughout the enterprise for a seamless interactive desktop. Our software continues to pioneer, bridging the gap between the enterprise and the hosted solution.

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