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Nimaya believes in synergy through partnerships - with the benefits of deep partnerships accruing to deliver value jointly for our customers. Nimaya embraces other complementary vendors to provide complete, value-added solutions that meet our customers' needs. We work closely with a broad range of partners as part of our focus on bringing the best possible solutions that generate revenue, mitigate risk, and reduce costs.

Nimaya maintains two types of partners, each focusing on delivering a unique strategy pertaining to our innovative solutions: technology and Integrator/VARs.

Technology Partners This group of partners enables Nimaya to ensure that our technology works with the latest developments and standards in hardware and software, such as databases, servers and operating systems.

Services Providers (Value Added-Resellers) Services partners deliver expertise in implementing cost-effective and efficient solutions in software as a service and enterprise data mashups. We partner with outstanding organizations that have a proven track record of delivering results for their customers in both the commercial and federal space.

If you interested in becoming a partner, please contact us today.

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